Jeddah City Tour – The Liberal Saudi Arabia? Middle East Travel جدة مدينة المملكة العربية السعودية

Welcome to Jeddah, the second largest city in Saudi Arabia. A more liberal and cosmopolitan city than other parts of the country?

I traveled here on the last leg of my journey and visited the stunning Unesco World Heritage Al Balad area, the bustling Central Fish Market, a modern shopping mall, and the beautiful Cornice stretching for kilometers along the Red Sea Coast. A personal tour through a fascinating city.

This is the last episode of a 6 part vlog style series about my journey through Saudi Arabia. For previous episodes, please click here:

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Saudi Arabia has long been off limits to foreign tourists and travelers. Since a few months, however, it’s possible to visit the country on a tourist visa. I made use of this opportunity and traveled solo to Saudi Arabia for 2 weeks, including Riyadh, the Edge of the World, Medina, Al Ula, Umluj, Jeddah and the Red Sea coast.

Saudi Arabia is mostly known in the ‘Western world’ for its petroleum export, the birthplace of Islam, and unfortunately also poor human rights record. But as I discover there is much more to this massive country than first meets the eye. In these series I hope to give a glimpse into what was once an almost ‘forbidden place’ for independent travelers, and is now open for visitors from around the world.


Note: I travel independently and take no money from sponsors. This journey through Saudi Arabia was paid for and organized entirely by myself.

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