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Trujillo is known as the Peruvian Capital of Culture. This Spanish colonial city in the northern desert of Peru is a vibrant place, with colorful architecture and proud Latino traditions.

The surrounding desert coast is dotted with the ancient ruins of lost civilizations. Some 2,000 years ago, long before the first Incas arrived, the Moche people and later the Chimú, managed to cultivate the arid Moche Valley and build thriving cities such as Chan Chan, made entirely from adobe bricks.

These pre-Columbian civilizations also created the mighty Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon, wove reed boats for fishing, dug canals for irrigation and designed refined jewelry and pottery.
The museum in the coastal site of El Brujo contains a tattooed mummy of a warrior leader or priestess, who was dubbed the Lady of Cao. Find out more about these ancient cultures in Trujillo’s Archaeological Museum. Then, admire the region’s pure-bred Paso Horses during a Marinera show with costumed dancers. End your stay with a visit to the Cathedral and Freedom Monument on Plaza de Armas in the city’s picturesque Historic Centre.

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