Athens Travel Guide

Travel video about destination Athens in Greece.
Athens is a lively city set in historic surroundings.Likavittós is a two hundred and seventy-seven metre high limestone rock that dominates the city. It towers up above several buildings and on its summit there’s a small chapel. The capital of Greece has a long history. It was founded three thousand five hundred years ago and had its golden age during Greek Antiquity under the democratic rule of Perikles. At that time the symbol of one Europe’s most influential cultures was created, Greek’s national sanctuary, the Acropolis. It took nine years to build the great temple of the goddess Athene, The Parthenon, that was completed in 438 B.C. Unique among all other Greek temples, with its imposing appearance and artistic decoration this temple signified the great influence and power of ancient Athens. With its striking majestic appearance and timeless elegance it was more magnificent than any other building in Greece. Six female figures, the Karyatides, support the southern hall of the Ionic Temple of Erechtheion that stands on sacred ground close to the main temple. Since the beginning of the 4th century the mythical kings Kekrops and Erechtheu were worshiped here until the city’s subsequent decline. Legend has it that during a contest between the gods Poseidon left the imprint of his trident on a rock upon which Athene created an olive tree. Throughout its history the temple served many purposes and the Turks, somewhat disrespectfully, transformed the Erechtheion into a harem. The evening sun descends slowly across the ruins of Ancient Greece. The marble of the temple shines golden as though to thank the gods for creating this remarkable city. A city in which both antiquity and the present unite: a symbol of the Occident.

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